Sunday, December 18, 2011

3/10/10 day 54 of flower. decided to cut her down. flowered early, but beautiful pay off for such a small girl. buds were amazing and seedless.

Blue Dream flowering week 6 and mk ultra, $100 og, and afghan hermi!!!

week 6 of flowering. everything going great. as i mentioned that afghan mother was a hermaphrodite, check out the video i took pics of it weirdness. i thought i had pollinated my blue dream and other girls, very scary. they never were thankfully, and i know this because i already harvested. which i made a video on as you will see next. stay tuned!

Blue Dream Flowering day 28 update + day 1 of future hermaphrodite

Sorry for my mumbling :)
Anyway, just picked up a mother (Afghan Kush) and a "mini mom" (Larry OG).
After i cloned the afghan, i threw her into flower. so its day 1 for her.
blue dream is thriving. see you guys week 5!

Blue dream update Day 20 flowering Yeah babeh!

Blue Dream is striving. She loves the fox farm Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom nutrients. I highly recommend the fox farm line for beginner growers. Here's an update at day 20 of flowering and i put an old song by sublime called The Ballad of Johnny Butt.

Blue Dream Starting flowering

MK Ultra, Blue Dream, $100 OG Kush are the strains i attempted for my second grow after a failed attempt at Deep Water culture grow. i picked these up and with barely any time in veg i started flowering 1/15/10. They dont look wonderful right now but stick with me, its gonna get perty!
light: 150w HPS
Medium: FoxFarm Ocean Forest